Confirming Concerns with Canvassing: A Case Study

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It's been said that who you buy from can be just as important as what you buy. At INTERTEL, we believe that applies to your Medical Canvass program. Are you experiencing results like these?

In June of 2018, a claim for California Workers Compensation was filed by a laboratory employee, alleging a fall at work led to injuries requiring right knee and right wrist. The treatment was to include surgery. After investigation, the claim was denied by the third-party administrator. Upon receiving news of the denial the employee obtained attorney representation and filed a Cumulative Trauma claim to include her left side. In August 2018, INTERTEL was asked to complete Canvasses at the following facility types: Hospital, Health Clinic, and X-Ray/MRI. During the Canvass, INTERTEL uncovered multiple treatment dates that occurred prior to the claimed date of loss.

Medical records pertaining to this undisclosed treatment were subpoenaed by defense counsel. These records led the defense to a pre-existing condition directly related to the CT claim. Although potential exposure exceeded $150,000, the INTERTEL Canvass opened the door to settlement. As this new information was brought to light during deposition, the applicant's attorney was quickly inclined to settle for $50,000 full and final, avoiding further litigation, diagnostics, surgery, med/legal evaluations, or additional temporary and permanent disability benefits.

The cost of the INTERTEL Canvass on this claim was less than a few hundred dollars, which leads to the question, what is the cost of not doing business with INTERTEL?



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